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Pasture regenerator harrow

The new pasture harrow is specially designed for pastures with settling problems. To deal with compacting and settling, QUIVOGNE proposes a harrow which is equipped with one row of opener discs to cut the first 5 centimetres of the roots to prevent the cover from being pulled up; followed by two rows of cutter tines which scarify, air and loosen the soil thanks to their spring effect; two rows of levelling tines which spread and level the mounds; they are independent to avoid the snowplough effect; and the Ø 7 mm, double row comb harrow, which eliminates and distributes residue.

This configuration guarantees optimum work without damaging the pasture and without pulling up the cover.


Technical characteristics:

  • Double-beam centre frame ■ 150 x 100 mm and ■ 100 x 100 mm 
  • 1 row of opener discs (option)
  • 2 rows of scarified cutter tines
  • 2 rows of levelling cutter tines
  • 2 rows of Ø 7 mm comb harrow
  • Category 2 and 3 N hitch
  • 3-section hydraulic folding by 2 jacks, with mechanical locking
  • 80 x 10 mm spring tines
  • 200 mm-long cutters
  • 300 mm-wide levelling